Is SAST the Best SAP Security?

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Tomasz Jurgielewicz

Is SAST the Best SAP Solution?

In the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass report, SAST GRC Suite achieved the highest position (leader) in the analysis of security management solutions. What affected such an assessment of this solution?

Growing awareness of the organization

More and more companies are realizing how important a task is to take care of the security of IT systems and risk management. One of the most important elements of this challenge is user management and control of their access within the SAP infrastructure.

40% of small and medium-sized enterprises have lost confidential data in the last 12 months

It is precisely because of the growing interest in security issues that KuppingerCole conducted the Leadership Compass "Access Control / Access Governance for SAP environments" study. It shows, above all, which solutions available on the market meet the most important safety requirements.

For the first time and already at the top?

SAST was included in the study for the first time. Certainly, this did not prevent him from gaining the leading position among third-party solutions supporting SAP security.

The Leadership Compass study analyzes solutions that support the control and management of access to SAP system data. The report compares solutions from companies such as Akquinet, CSI tools, Depp Identity, ERPScan, IBM, SAP, Securinfo, SIVIS and Xpandion. The results allow for a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of individual solutions and support making the right decision regarding the choice of an appropriate tool. Certainly, the report compares individual functionalities and their effectiveness in securing SAP. Overall, SAST GRC Suite came second and (along with SAP solutions itself) was the only provider to receive the "Leading Provider" rating.

Assessment criteria

The decisive factor for such a high rating is that SAST is a comprehensive and highly developed toolkit that covers all GRC requirements. The software consists of modules that can be directly integrated with SAP. That is why it provides all the required functionalities to secure the system. Among them: analysis of downloaded SAP data, logging to HCM or full system monitoring in real time).

"The SAST GRC Suite solution is an innovative and innovative offering for all business users who maintain their business on SAP infrastructure," said Matthias Reinwarth, senior analyst at KuppingerCole. - The solution in question is primarily an extensive, widely tested set of solutions, covering the requirements of all important areas of risk management and data compliance in the SAP environment. It is both a traditional GRC security system and a solution that allows for code correctness verification or real-time analysis.

The latest KuppingerCole Leadership Compass report "Access Control / Access Governance for SAP environment" can be downloaded here:



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