The Most Popular Passwords in 2015

The Most Popular Passwords in 2015


SplashData has once again published an interesting list in which we can see the most popular, used passwords in authorization processes for a variety of systems. The most popular passwords were selected using the database of leaked passwords throughout 2015. Over 3.3 million entries have been analyzed. The winner was ... (drums)



Yes. The most popular password in the world is this simple six-digit string of characters. Nothing else. The prepared list contains 25 items of the most popular entries, practically all of them included in the report are interesting. The next thing is also interesting. Second place "password", third place "12345678".
This list emphasizes the fact that information security awareness is in its fledgling stage worldwide. Because what is needed for a hacker to break into your system? Going beyond technical issues - your login and password will certainly suffice. This combination is enough for further more or less destructive action on the system by an unauthorized person.


TOP 25 of the most popular passwords


The easiest way to get into the system is to "poll" for the most popular passwords. This is where statistics just work. Below is a list of the TOP 25 of the most popular passwords. This is certainly only a small brick to the realization and implementation of a password management policy.


Position Password
1 123456
2 password
3 12345678
4 qwerty
5 12345
6 123456789
7 football
8 1234
9 1234567
10 baseball
11 welcome
12 1234567890
13 abc123
14 111111
15 1qaz2wsx
16 dragon
17 master
18 monkey
19 letmein
20 login
21 princess
22 qwertyuiop
23 solo
24 passw0rd
25 starwars